Back to school tips to boost success

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Back to school tips to boost success

KGMI News Reporting
By Mike Curtiss

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – School is back in session and Sylvan Learning in Bellingham has tips for parents and students to help boost success in the new school year.

Chris Maki of Sylvan Learning says parents need to gradually re-introduce their kids to a school-year bedtime routine and go back to three regular meals a day.

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He says parents should teach kids to plan out their time during the school year and discuss the importance of education.

For students, Maki says take good notes, stay organized, and get a good nights sleep.

Also avoid distractions, such as your cell phone, and don’t be afraid to speak up if you get confused by homework or test instructions.

Play Chris Maki on student tips

Sylvan Learning provides tutoring for students in all grade levels.

Information about Bellingham’s local Sylvan branch can be found at www.sylvanlearning.com.