Beach report card, pass and fail

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Beach report card, pass and fail

KGMI News Reporting
By Karen Taylor

Water quality grades for the summer are in and Whatcom County has some of the highest-scoring beaches, but also one of the worst.

Non-profit ‘Heal the Bay’ released their summer report card giving an average weekly grade for the weeks between Memorial Day and August 21.

Water quality scientist Amanda Griesback explains Washington scores a little differently than other states, taking three samples from every beach.

Play Amanda Griesback on beach grades

The inner-east water of Marine Park beach in Bellingham received an F grade, while the inner-west and outer area got an A+.

The worst beach and one of the twelve worst in the state, is Little Squalicum Park.

It received an F.

The mobile version of the beach report card is available for download or online at www.beachreportcard.org