Berry farmer speaks out about latest strike

Photo: KGMI

Berry farmer speaks out about latest strike

KGMI News Reporting
By KarenTaylor

BURLINGTON, Wash. – The president of Sakuma Brothers Farms is speaking out over the latest worker strike.

Berry pickers claim in a statement released Monday by Community to Community Development that Ryan Sakuma told them they would be fired and evicted if they continued striking and they would not get their housing deposits back.

Ryan Sakuma says it is all a misunderstanding and he did not say anything like that.

He says the farm’s production is starting to suffer because of the multiple worker strikes that started in late July.

Play Ryan Sakuma on strike

He says the latest strike, which started last Thursday is over the firing of a worker.

Sakuma says the workers told him they will continue to strike until the fired worker gets his job back.

He says the termination stems from a domestic abuse issue and the worker cannot be brought back.