Climate workshop gets heated

Photo: Clipart.com

Climate workshop gets heated

KGMI News Reporting
By Mike Curtiss

Things got testy during a climate workshop hosted by Governor Jay Inslee on Friday.

Two Republicans, Senator Doug Ericksen from Ferndale and Representative Shelly Short, questioned Insleeā€™s plan for carbon reduction actions that are to be considered by the legislature in January.

They said a decision is premature because no one knows how much the program would cost taxpayers or if it would kill jobs.

That started a heated discussion between Inslee, Short, Erickson and two Democrats on the panel.

Inslee finally called a recess to cool tempers.

When the meeting reconvened the group agreed to only submit climate policy ideas to be discussed at a public hearing set for next week.

The workgroup’s final recommendations are due by December 18.