Disenrolled Nooksack tribal members appeal

Disenrolled Nooksack tribal members appeal

KGMI News Reporting
By Mike Curtiss

DEMING, Wash. – More than 300 Nooksack tribal members will find out today if an attempt to kick them out of the tribe will move forward.

The Nooksack Tribal Court will hear an appeal this morning filed by the Rapada, Rabang and Narte-Gladstone families.

Tribal member Moreno Peralta says that Nooksack Chairman Bob Kelly is trying to eliminate them from the tribe because he believes the families don’t have strong ties to the tribe.

Play Moreno Peralta on membership appeal

He says their ancestor, Annie George, was the daughter of a listed member of the Nooksack Tribe.

Members of the group are also suing the federal government to get information on whether the Bureau of Indian Affairs was involved in their disenrollment.

The families will hold a press conference after today’s hearing to announce their next steps.