Drier conditions turning evergreens red

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Drier conditions turning evergreens red

KGMI News Reporting
By Mike Curtiss

PUGET SOUND, Wash. – Many evergreen trees in western Washington are turning red and in some areas young Douglas firs are dying.

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources believes the drought we had last summer along with this year’s drier than normal spring weather is the cause.

Karen Ripley with DNR says most of the red trees are in the central Puget Sound in areas that have rocky soils.

Play Karen Ripley on red trees

Summer droughts are common in Washington State and trees suffer when they are prolonged.

Dry, dead trees increase the risk of wildfires.

Ripley says property owners can protect the trees around their homes by improving the soil and watering when it is dry.

Trees that have produced new needles this spring will likely survive.