Drug smuggling archer aims ‘pot’ shot at jail

Photo: KGMI

Drug smuggling archer aims ‘pot’ shot at jail

KGMI News Reporting
By Mike Curtiss

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – A man is in Whatcom County Jail after he tried to smuggle drugs into the jail with a bow and arrow.

An employee of the Sheriff’s Office saw a man shoot an arrow toward the second-floor outdoor recreation area yesterday morning.

The arrow landed on the roof of the jail and had a bag containing marijuana and an unidentified substance tied to it.

The employee was able to write down the man’s license plate number.

Deputies arrested 36-year-old David Wayne Jordan after finding the bow in his vehicle.

The Sheriff’s office says that Jordan admitted shooting the arrow, but claimed that he was trying to kill a squirrel.

He had no explanation why the marijuana was attached to the arrow.

Jordan has a lengthy criminal history and has spent time in the Whatcom County Jail, as recently as this summer.

He’s now facing charges for attempted introduction of contraband and obstructing officers during his arrest.