Farm workers back on strike

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Farm workers back on strike

KGMI News Reporting
By Karen Taylor

BURLINGTON, wash. – After going back to work last week, migrant workers at Sakuma Brothers Farms have walked off the job for the second time.

Rosalinda Guillen with Community to Community Development says the workers tested out picking flat boxes of fresh berries for $3.75, but the price got changed to $3.50 Monday.

Play Rosalinda Guillen on worker strike

She says the workers tried to go negotiate a higher price of $6.00, but Sakuma Brothers refused, so they stopped working.

Guillen admits negotiations had gone quite well until now.

Sakuma Brothers Farms released a statement saying, “It is disappointing that the workers chose to leave their jobs again and it is frustrating that they continue to change their demands.”

Guillen is not sure when the two groups will be back at the table to negotiate.