Fifteen pot shop limit in Whatcom County

Fifteen pot shop limit in Whatcom County

KGMI News Reporting
By Karen Taylor

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – A maximum of 15 retail pot stores will be allowed in Whatcom County under the revised draft marijuana rules approved Wednesday by the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

Six of them will be allowed within the City of Bellingham, one in Ferndale and one in Lynden and the other seven will be available at large.

Spokesperson Mikhail Carpenter says I-502 requires these limits so that stores will be spread out to serve the whole community.

He says it will also keep the black market from flourishing in areas not served by a legal pot store.

Play Mikhail Carpenter on pot rules

A maximum 334 stores will be allowed statewide.

The rules include strict guidelines for how large grow operations and pot retail stores can be.

Store owners will not be able to advertise in any way and cannot display any marijuana in their store windows.

The most that a business sign will be able to show is a marijuana leaf and the size of the sign is regulated.

There is a mandatory 1000 ft. buffer to keep stores from being too close to schools or parks.