Fireworks banned in Bellingham

Photo: Clipart.com, KGMI

Fireworks banned in Bellingham

KGMI News Reporting
By Mike Curtiss

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – Lighting a sparkler in Bellingham will get you a $250 minimum fine starting next June.

The Bellingham City Council last night approved a complete ban on the sale and use of all fireworks that will take effect in one year.

Bellingham resident David Harris says everyone should be able to celebrate the Fourth of July in peace and quiet.

Play David Harris on fireworks

Liz Lisicich says fireworks aren’t going to go away.

Liz Lisicich on fireworks

Councilmember Terry Bornemann says the city already has laws against the big fireworks that most people have a problem with, but those laws were not enforced.

Terry Bornemann on previous ban

Council members Jack Weiss, Gene Knutson, Cathy Lehman and Stan Snapp voted in favor of the fireworks ban.

Deputy Police Chief Mark Gill says it will cost an estimated $7,600 in Police overtime pay to enforce the ban next year.