Fishing communities worry more coal means fewer fish

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Fishing communities worry more coal means fewer fish

Washington News Service

WASHINGTON STATE – The Northwest fishing community says state and federal agencies ought to be “trolling” for a lot more information before allowing coal export terminals to be built along the coast.

Fishermen are signing a letter that warns more coal could mean fewer fish and jobs in Washington’s $5.7 billion a year fishing industry.

Bill Kremers with the Association of Northwest Steelheaders says they’re concerned about the possible water and air pollution effects if barge traffic doubles on the Columbia River and rail traffic increases on land.

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The letter asks for Environmental Impact Statements for each proposed coal terminal that include effects on water, soil and air quality and a larger study of what multiple terminals would mean for the region.

It has been sent to the White House and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, state agencies and members of Congress.