Governor signs proclamation urging against drowsy driving

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Governor signs proclamation urging against drowsy driving

KGMI News Reporting
By Mike Curtis

OLYMPIA, Wash. – This week is National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week and Governor Jay Inslee has signed a proclamation urging people to understand the dangers of drowsy driving.

Washington State Patrol Sergeant Jason Hicks says driving while drowsy can be just as dangerous as speeding, drinking or not wearing a seat belt.

Play Sgt. Jason Hicks on drowsy driving dangers

People can avoid falling asleep at the wheel by getting a good night’s sleep before hitting the road, taking frequent breaks on long trips, and having a friend along to keep the driver awake and share driving duties.

People should always avoid alcohol and medications that cause drowsiness as a side effect, and not drive at times when they would normally be sleeping.

Last year, drowsy drivers were involved in 12 fatal crashes on Washington highways.