Group threatens to sue EPA over fish consumption rates

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Group threatens to sue EPA over fish consumption rates

KGMI News Reporting
By Mike Curtiss

OLYMPIA, Wash. – A coalition of statewide clean water advocates is threatening to sue the EPA for allowing high levels of toxic pollution to get into the fish people eat.

They say the agency is allowing the Washington State Department of Ecology to set unrealistically-low fish consumption rates in Washington State so industries can pollute state waters more than they should.

Ecology currently estimates that Washington residents only eat one 8-ounce fish fillet per month.

North Sound Baykeeper Matt Krogh with Re-sources for Sustainable Communities says most people in Washington eat a lot more fish than that.

Play Matt Krogh on consumption

The coalition has put the EPA on notice saying they will sue in 60 days if the agency doesn’t take action against the fish consumption rates.

They say the agency is failing in its mission to protect people from the toxic pollution entering the Puget Sound and other waterways.

Big businesses like Boeing have lobbied against raising Washington’s fish consumption rate.