Group under scrutiny for PAC campaign funds

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Group under scrutiny for PAC campaign funds

KGMI News Reporting
By Karen Taylor

BELLINHGAM, Wash. – A local group is accusing political action committee SAVEWhatcom of hiding coal industry donors they say is aimed at influencing Whatcom County Council races.

Whatcom Wins is a campaign group that supports the more liberal candidates in county council races.

SAVEWhatcom supports their more conservative opponents.

Whatcom Wins co-chair Lisa McShane says SAVEWhatcom has created a second PAC to hide $154,000 dollars in donations.

Play Lisa McShane on PAC funds

SAVEWhatcom spokesperson Kris Halterman says the Public Disclosure Commission told her they could set up a second PAC.

Play Kris Halterman on second PAC

She says they are not hiding money and have disclosed all fifty of their donors on the PDC website.