Gun activist pleased with police department changes

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Gun activist pleased with police department changes

KGMI News Reporting
By Karen Taylor

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – A local gun rights activist is reacting to the settlement of his civil rights lawsuit against the City of Bellingham.

The Bellingham Police Department has agreed to pay out $15,000 to retired Army Sergeant John Lagaie and provide additional training for its officers.

Lagaie says he never had much of a problem with open-carrying his nine-millimeter pistol until December 2011, when Officer Allen Bass confronted him claiming he could not legally carry a gun in a public park and ultimately pointed his service weapon at him.

Play John Lagaie on settlement

Lagaie says two others people before him had similar run-ins with Bellingham Police over open-carrying their guns, but it took his lawsuit to get the city to make real changes.

He has worked with police leadership for several months devising a new training bulletin and says he is pleased with the changes the department has made.