Man takes electric Telsa on “Cascadia Criuse”

Photo: Clipart.com

Man takes electric Telsa on “Cascadia Criuse”

KGMI News Reporting
By Karen Taylor

BLAINE, Wash. – An electrician is driving a Tesla electric car from Blaine to Vancouver, Washington today to promote the growing industry and potential for local job growth.

Starting at the U.S border, Rich Hildreth will make six stops at electric vehicle charging stations along the Interstate-5 corridor until he reaches Vancouver.

He hopes his “Cascadia Cruise” will inspire more companies to invest in EV technology and create jobs locally and throughout the U.S.

Play Rich Hildreth on Cascadia Cruise

Hildreth will meet with local officials at each of the six stops along the way.

The first will be at the Tesla supercharger station in Burlington at 9:00 a.m.

A series of west coast EV charging stations known as the West Coast Electric Highway stretch from Blaine to the Mexican border.