Marijuana changes in store

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Marijuana changes in store

KGMI News Reporting
By Tracy Ellis

OLYMPIA, Wash. – People who grow pot for medical marijuana patients may soon be out of a job.

The state’s Liquor Control Board has approved its medical marijuana recommendations to the legislature.

Spokesperson Brian Smith says the board wants the largely unregulated medical system under the umbrella of I-502.

Play Brian Smith on medical pot rules

The recommendations call for eliminating collective gardens, creating a registry of marijuana patients, drastically reducing how much cannabis patients can have, and requiring medical marijuana to be subject to the same high excise taxes as recreational pot.

The legislature has the final say on the rules.

Meanwhile, figuring out how much marijuana people use has been one of the trickiest and most important questions facing regulators.

The state is concerned that underestimating demand might cause marijuana smokers to stick with their illegal dealers.

If they overestimate it, the surplus could wind up out of state.

Play Brian Smith on overestimating

Smith says in a study released Wednesday, a team figured that Washington’s roughly 750,000 marijuana users smoked as much as 225 metric tons this year.