Nearly 7,000 Wash. seniors don’t pass math exam

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Nearly 7,000 Wash. seniors don’t pass math exam

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SEATTLE, Wash. – Years ago, Washington state officials predicted most of the state’s high school seniors would pass the statewide graduation exams when they became a requirement.

That prediction has been proven now with 90 percent of seniors passing the test.

But that fact doesn’t make life any easier for the nearly 7,000 kids in the Class of 2013 who have yet to pass a statewide math test and didn’t get their diplomas in June.

This year’s graduating class was the first required to pass either an algebra or geometry test to graduate, in addition to previous requirements to pass tests in reading and writing.

Education watchers will have to wait until early next year when final graduation numbers are announced to see the exact numbers of kids who found the math test too big of a hurdle.