New measure filed to name Skagit bridge after Tim Eyman

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New measure filed to name Skagit bridge after Tim Eyman

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MOUNT VERNON, Wash. – A new measure seeks to name the rebuilt Skagit River bridge for anti-tax guru Tim Eyman.

The initiative filed yesterday by Bothell resident Nicholas Santos would designate the new span the Tim Eyman Memorial Bridge.

The measure also seeks to engrave the bridge with the message, quote, “dedicated to the efforts of Tim Eyman to reduce Washington State tax revenues and the collapse of the Skagit River Bridge on May 23, 2013.”

Tim Eyman released a statement yesterday, calling the initiative a personal attack.

“It’s always so silly when opponents of our initiatives attack me personally, as if I have tremendous power. I don’t. I have a great team who works super hard each year to give voters a greater voice in their government.¬†Regarding our initiatives, some pass, some don’t, but all of them give the average taxpayer an equal voice in the process and that’s something I’m very proud of.” – Tim Eyman

Santos needs to collect more than 200,000 signatures in order to send his measure to the Legislature for action.

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