New public access channel in the works

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New public access channel in the works

KGMI News Reporting
By Mike Curitss

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – A local non-profit group is being offered a contract to bring a new public access television channel to Whatcom County.

KBCB has approached Center for New Media with a contract to begin programming on one of their sub-channels.

The new channel would take over digital channel 24.3, which currently rebroadcasts home shopping programming.

It has a signal strength reaching from Vancouver, B.C. to south of Everett.

Center for New Media Executive Director Suzanne Blais says they want to broadcast the stories of local people.

Plat Suzanne Blais on public access channel

People who like to create video programming for the channel should contact www.centerfornewmedia.org.

Blais says they should know within the next six weeks if they will go forward with the new channel.