New security policy for Sounders FC home games

Photo: Getty, KPUG

New security policy for Sounders FC home games

Be prepared to get screened at the next Sounders home game. Seattle Sounders FC is implementing a new security policy beginning July 3rd that will have fans screened by handheld metal detectors.

“Our first priority is to ensure a safe environment for Sounders FC fans at
CenturyLink Field,” said Sounders FC President Peter McLoughlin in a press release. “This is the  same program that was implemented at Seahawks games last season. The process is  smooth and moves quickly.”

According to Soundersfc.com:

– Fans will be asked to remove all metal from their pockets and hold the items in  their hands as the screening is conducted. This includes coins, keys and cell  phones.

– If fans have any concerns about the use of a metal detector due
to medical reasons, the enhanced pat-down screening procedure can be

– Fans are encouraged to give themselves enough time to pass
through security.

– CenturyLink Field gates open 90 minutes before kickoff
and the 30-minute period leading up to kickoff is the busiest time frame at the  security screening points.

(KPUG Newsroom)