No welcome yet for pot shops in many cities

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No welcome yet for pot shops in many cities

AP News

SEATTLE, wash. – Sales of recreational marijuana are due to start in Washington around late spring, but there’s no welcome mat for pot businesses in dozens of cities around the state.

A new Seattle-based marijuana think tank called The Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy surveyed the 75 most populous cities in Washington to look at how local governments are handling Washington’s legal pot law, Initiative 502.

The survey found that a few cities have effectively banned or threatened to ban pot businesses until the drug is legalized federally.

Just under three dozen, ranging from Redmond to Pullman, have imposed moratoriums of six months to one year.

Officials in 23 cities have passed zoning rules dictating where the pot shops, gardens and processing facilities can open, and 14 of the cities had taken no action.