Patrols on Nooksack aim at curbing trouble making tubers

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Patrols on Nooksack aim at curbing trouble making tubers

KGMI News Reporting
By Karen Taylor

ACME, Wash. – People can still go inner tubing on the Nooksack River, but they will be closely watched by Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputies.

Many Acme homeowners living near the south fork of the river wanted the Whatcom County Council to put an all-out ban on tubing as a way to stop tubers who they say litter and commit illegal and lewd acts on the river banks.

The Whatcom County Council does not have the legal right to ban people from a navigable river.


Whatcom County Executive Jack Louws reports that the council instead set aside $30,000 dollars to pay for overtime for deputies to patrol the river through September.

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One concerned resident says the county should use that $30,000 differently.

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Louws says for the rest of this summer and next season, deputies will patrol the south fork four days a week, at random, to help curb the troublemakers.

The council will revisit the issue after next year’s season.

The Whatcom County Sheriff’s office says since they started increasing patrols on July 20, deputies have issued dozens of warnings and infractions and made ten arrests.