Striking berry pickers reach tentative deal

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Striking berry pickers reach tentative deal

KGMI News Reporting
By Karen Taylor

BURLINGTON, Wash. – Workers who went on strike last week are back in the fields as negotiations with Sakuma Brothers Farms in Skagit County continue.

The strikers are tentatively returning to the fields, testing a different pricing scale for picking fresh berries.

Edgar Franks with Community to Community Development, an organization supporting the striking workers, says much of negotiations are to raise the piece-rate price per-pound.

Play Edgar Franks on negotiations

The strike committee worked out a price with Ryan and Steven Sakuma for $3.75 per flat-box of berries.

Three workers are also being permitted to accompany a supervisor to inspect the crop and help negotiate prices for the next day’s picking.

Workers went on strike six days ago amid allegations of a hostile work environment, pay below minimum wage and disparity between migrant workers, teenage summer hires and guest workers.