Sunken fishing boat to remain under the sea

Photo: Clipart.com

Sunken fishing boat to remain under the sea

KGMI News Reporting
By Mike Curtiss

POINT ROBERTS, Wash. – A fishing boat that sank last week, leaking oil and diesel into the water near Point Roberts will forever remain there.

The 50-foot vessel sank about two-and-a-half miles off shore and now lies under 200 feet of water.

Dustin Terpening with the state Department of Ecology says the boat would be too difficult and expensive to recover.

Play Dustin Terpening on sunken boat

He says the boat isn’t posing a threat to any other ships and doesn’t appear to be leaking anymore.

The vessel had about 800 gallons of diesel fuel and 25 gallons of oil on board when it sank.

All of the fuel and oil has presumably leaked into the bay.

The U.S. Coast Guard didn’t see any remaining oil sheen on the water when they last flew over the area.

NOAA says the oil shouldn’t have any noticeable impact on shoreline habitat.