Trapped horse rescued using telepathy

Photo: Clipart.com

Trapped horse rescued using telepathy


REDMOND, Wash. – Officials in Washington state were able to rescue a trapped horse with a little help from a telepathic animal communicator.

According to “The Seattle Times,” Barbara Linstedt’s four-year-old horse Gemma escaped from her stall in Redmond on Monday.

Caretakers spent hours searching for the animal before they called in horse communicator Joan Ranquet.

Ranquet says Gemma telepathically told her that she was in a tight space near shrubbery that was close to a road and water.

Linstedt guessed that meant a nearby ravine, which is exactly where rescuers found Gemma, who had slipped 70 feet before coming to a stop on a ledge.

Gemma was pulled out Tuesday afternoon, and is reportedly doing well after what her owner calls a miraculous rescue.

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