Troopers suspect texting causes most fender benders

Photo: KGMI

Troopers suspect texting causes most fender benders

KGMI News Reporting
By Karen Taylor

WASHINGTON STATE – Washington State troopers have no data to prove it, but they suspect most lower-speed traffic collisions happen because of people texting while driving.

Minor collisions caused by texting are hard to prove because Washington State Patrol has no legal authority to search cell phone records unless a crime has taken place.

Minor collisions that cause property damage are civil infractions and not a crime.

Sergeant Jason Hicks says they want drivers to focus on the road no matter the speed to keep traffic moving and make less of a headache for everyone.

Play Sergeant Jason Hicks on texting

Troopers gave out one thousand tickets last year for texting while driving.

They cited more than 6,600 drivers for talking while driving without using a hands-free device.