Tuition freeze in place at Wash. state schools

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Tuition freeze in place at Wash. state schools

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SEATTLE, Wash. Р Higher education budgets are getting their first increase from the Washington state general fund since 2009.

With that boost comes a mandated one-year tuition freeze that is a welcome break for those paying for college.

School officials say the moves came just in time.

Tuition rates have nearly doubled over the past four years to help make up for a series of state budget cuts.

Further increases, administrators feared, would prevent some students from enrolling.

The state budget for the next two years provides a 14 percent increase for state colleges and universities, including Washington’s 34 community and technical colleges.

Lawmakers had cut the higher education budget by $1 billion between 2009 and 2013.

The next two-year cycle will provide $2.4 billion for colleges and universities from the state general fund, up from the previous $2.1 billion allocation.