Unindentified man found dead in Franklin Park

Photo: Clipart.com

Unindentified man found dead in Franklin Park

An unidentified man is found dead in Franklin Park earlier this morning.

A neighbor called officers to the scene after discovering the body in the middle of the park.

The man had no form of identification or cell phone on him. Officers said he appeared to be well-dressed, neat and clean-shaven.

He’s described as a white male, 20 to 30 years old, 5’10 with a medium to slim build. He has short, light brown or blonde curly hair with side burns and green eyes.

Police found him wearing a black fleece Columbia brand jacket, gray jeans and black low rise Converse sneakers.

They could not determine how he died. Officers will learn more after an autopsy is performed next week.

Anyone with information about this man is asked to call Bellingham Police.