Driver blames ‘gorilla’ for causing crash

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Driver blames ‘gorilla’ for causing crash

AP News

SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane woman who wound up with a totaled car, a broken collarbone and a $550 ticket blames her post-Halloween crash on a person in a gorilla suit who she says jumped in front of her car.

Hailey Wulz tells KREM-TV she plans to contest the negligent driving citation.

Wulz says she had just dropped off a friend early on Nov. 1 when she swerved to avoid the gorilla.

She crashed into a parked car and the crash pushed both vehicles into a yard.

Police report that two witnesses claim the woman was speeding through the 25 mile-an-hour zone.

The driver says she did what she thought was right by swerving.

She says it would be nice if the gorilla came forward “so everything didn’t fall on me.”