Washout strands day hikers in Marblemount

Photo: KGMI

Washout strands day hikers in Marblemount

North Cascades National Park is evacuating 65 hikers who were stranded Sunday when a gravel road washed out in northern Washington state.

The Skagit Valley Herald reports the day hikers are at the Cascade Pass Trailhead at Marblemount.

The trailhead is a mile and a half from the far side of a 50-foot washout that’s 15 feet deep.

Park spokesman Rick Acosta says three rangers hiked 3 miles to reach the hikers and put them in radio communication so they could call family members.

Marblemount Wilderness Information Center Supervisor Rosemary Seifried says a helicopter may be used Monday to fly in food and any medications the hikers may need.

The hikers may be able to walk out, but their cars are stuck until the road is repaired.