Windy weekend weather brings power outages

A tree is cleared away after falling and mangling the metal roof of a detached garage on Yew Street Road Saturday, Jan. 11. Photo: KGMI/Karen Taylor

Windy weekend weather brings power outages

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Windy weather in the Bellingham area brought everything from minor power surges to fallen trees to all-night power outages this weekend.

Much of the trouble occurred on late Friday night into early Saturday, when some areas experience power outages overnight ranging from two-to-six hours.

Some residents living near Lakeway Drive in Bellingham experienced power outages lasting about two hours.

The weather also brought fallen branches and other debris onto some roadways outside the city.

A tree fell on a detached garage on Yew Street Road Friday night. The property owners had the tree removed on Saturday after it had mangled the building’s metal roof.

No one was in the garage at the time the tree toppled. No one was injured.

The blustery weather is expected to continue for most of the day Sunday into Monday, coupled with steadier periods of rain, especially in eastern Whatcom County.