WSDOT: Temporary bridge span is safe

Photo: KGMI

WSDOT: Temporary bridge span is safe

KGMI News Reporting
By Karen Taylor

Mount Vernon, Wash. – Washington State Department of Transportation crews are on track to re-open the Interstate-5 Skagit River bridge in the next week or so.

WSDOT’s Travis Phelps is reassuring drivers that the temporary bridge span will be safe to drive on.

Play Travis Phelps on Skagit bridge

The type of bridge span being installed is the same kind used to move heavy equipment in and out of ground zero after 9-11.

Phelps says the average car will not have any problems going across the span.

So far, crews have placed half of the bridge across the gap that collapsed on May 23 when an over-sized semi truck hit several steel support beams.