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    10 hours ago in Local

    Senate passes bill that would give coal-fired power plant a sales tax break


    Supporters say the measure would help retain jobs, but critics say it's a corporate tax giveaway.

    10 hours ago in Local

    House passes regulation of vapor products in Washington


    The bill would also create a set of standards and rules that retailers and distributors must follow, among other regulations like requiring school districts to ban use of vapor products on school buses.

    11 hours ago in Local

    Everett police lieutenant fired for connection with drunk driving


    The lieutanant who had worked with the department for 25 years was deemed unfit for duty.

    12 hours ago in Local

    Senate rejects constitutional amendment on tax increases


    Two-thirds vote is required to send the ballot for a public vote.

    12 hours ago in Local

    17-year-old gets 17 years in prison for shooting


    The teenager shot the victim because he was wearing shorts from a rival gang.