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school hallway

3 weeks ago

Washington charter school system gets back to work

The State Supreme Court ruled last fall that the charter school law was unconstitutional.

generic police lights at night

3 weeks ago

Woman fatally shot by bail bondsman during warrant delivery

She died Wednesday after being taken to St. Joseph Medical Center and was not identified.


3 weeks ago

Marijuana patient sues state after daughter gets sick

She was in foster care during a custody battle when she fell ill.


3 weeks ago

Arlington couple missing

They were last seen Monday.

bham airport

3 weeks ago

Survey finds Bellingham Airport the highest rated small-hub

Phoenix Marketing International says 93% of travelers gave the airport some of the highest marks for the airport experience.

generic traffic light

3 weeks ago

Wrecked forklift stops traffic on Hannegan yesterday

The flatbed carrying a Birch Equipment forklift flipped at the corner of Hannegan and Sunset.


3 weeks ago

Warnings about latest email scam to hit Whatcom County

Tech Help reports it looks legitimate.

Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden 
PC: Kimball Gainor

3 weeks ago

Gaither Vocal Band returns to Lynden

They’re scheduled to perform August 18th at the Northwest Washington Fair.

generic badly wired bulb

3 weeks ago

Bellingham initiates rental inspection program

Fire and safety inspections start on the South Side in June.


3 weeks ago

Alcoa and BPA reach a deal

State Representative from Lynden hails announcement as "a great day for Whatcom County"


3 weeks ago

Inslee fires head of Western State psychiatric hospital

Cheryl Strange has been appointed as the new CEO.

canadian dollar, loonie

3 weeks ago

New high for Canadian dollar this year

The CBC reports it's the Loonie's highest finish since July of last year.

recycle bin

3 weeks ago

Disturbing new evidence found at home of woman who was dismembered

Evidence was found in the bathroom that the family says wasn't normally there.


3 weeks ago

Horizon Air purchased thirty new jets

The new jets will have first, premium, and coach seating.

vigil candles

3 weeks ago

More blessing ceremonies scheduled after three more homicides in Spokane

Civic leaders say the deaths should be a call for the community to come together...

gavel trial

3 weeks ago

Trial scheduled for man who killed his in-laws, then burned their bodies

The 31 year old accused is an Iraq War veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder.

power lines

3 weeks ago

Montana Senator disagrees with bill signed by Inslee, says it will devastate his state

Montana Senator says "it's going to put a lot of Montanan's out of work, and it's going to raise energy costs for families."

peace arch

3 weeks ago

Loonie rises to highest value this year thanks to rising oil prices

The Loonie jumped half a cent to 77-52 cents US... it was almost 10 cents lower in January.


3 weeks ago

Man found dead in swamp is identified

Authorities have identified the man as 54 year old David A. Webster.

Anthony Garver

3 weeks ago

Psychiatric hospital escapee makes first federal court appearance

A U.S. Magistrate said it was impossible to determine the mental competence of Anthony Garver and ordered that Garver remain in custody until his competence could be established.

Recent Headlines

10 hours ago in Local

Western State Hospital builds fence to keep patients from escaping

hospital, healthcare, medical, doctor

Nearly 200 involuntarily committed patients at Western State Hospital walked away from the mental facility since 2013... even though at some point... they were considered a danger to themselves or others

10 hours ago in Local

Demonstrators set up homeless camp outside of Bellingham City Hall


The makeshift homeless camp was meant to send a message to city leaders about breaking up homeless camps.

1 day ago in Local

Reasons determined for plane crash last July

Autumn Veatch

Their teenage step-granddaughter, Autumn Veatch of Bellingham, was the only survivor of the crash.

1 day ago in Local

Bellingham Schools’ Superintendent “walks in the shoes” of LGBTQ students


"Walks in the Shoes" helps Baker get a better understanding of what his staff and students experience in the district.

1 day ago in Local

Cruz planned rallies in Puget Sound area


Cruz has withdrawn his bid for the presidency.