NFL Punter Mike Koenen stops by

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Recent Headlines

7 hours ago in Local

Reasons determined for plane crash last July

Autumn Veatch

Their teenage step-granddaughter, Autumn Veatch of Bellingham, was the only survivor of the crash.

8 hours ago in Local

Bellingham Schools’ Superintendent “walks in the shoes” of LGBTQ students


"Walks in the Shoes" helps Baker get a better understanding of what his staff and students experience in the district.

8 hours ago in Local

Cruz planned rallies in Puget Sound area


Cruz has withdrawn his bid for the presidency.

8 hours ago in Local

The State ups the ante for Ride the Ducks


State regulators say the previous fine amount is inadequate.

8 hours ago in Local

Jury rests after William Klien took the stand

PC: Kimball Gainor

Klein faced questioning about sleep patterns and the recent bout of the flu.