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Saturdays from 9 – 10am
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The Auto Guys include Kirk from Angler Automotive, John from Bellingham Automotive, Brian from Dr. John’s Auto Clinic and Steve from The Panacea Auto Repair.

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In The Shop February 6, 2016

The guys talk about the death of Scion, and the rise of the American auto makers,


In The Shop January 30, 2016

The guys talk about what to do when your car makes a strange noise.


In The Shop January 23, 2016

The guys talk about the ability of today’s cars to monitor and surveil you, and whether this technology will be used for good or evil.


In The Shop January 16, 2016

The guys discuss how to find a new mechanic when you’re new in town.


In The Shop January 9, 2016

The guys give confident expert advice to a listener wanting to buy a collectible truck older than them and counsel a truck owner concerned with an intermittent headlamp that is older than some African nations.


In The Shop January 2, 2016

The guys answer the questions “What’s in that homemade window washer fluid” and “Are you legal?”


In The Shop December 19, 2015

The guys talk about what to do when your car is spying on you, and ideas on outfitting an old Plymouth Barracuda to withstand nuclear attack.

In the Shop 3

In The Shop December 12, 2015

The guys answer the questions “What is the true cost of owning a car”? and “How far can I really go between fluid changes?”


In the Shop for 11/28/15

Dan from Bellingham Automotive and Brian from Dr. John’s Auto Clinic take over the mics to take your calls and discuss those “automotive turkeys”… the cars that just didn’t sell.

In the Shop 2

In The Shop November 21, 2015

The guys talk about topping off your gas tank in cold weather and 1997 Ford Explorer joy rides!

Recent Headlines

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Growing industrial hemp passes the Senate, but only if used for research


Hemp growers would be able to make several items, such as bio-fuel.

39 mins ago in Local

Man with handgun spotted on WWU campus

Western Washington University
photo by kimball gainor

He was in class with a friend who is a western student.

9 hours ago in Local

State attorney connected to prison error resigns


Ronda Larson told corrections officials they didn't need to recalculate prisoners' sentences even though a software error was allowing convicts to be released too soon.

9 hours ago in Local

A big settlement for two victims of sexual abuse in the foster care system

court mallot

A local jury ordered the State Department of Social and Health Services to pay the girls eight million dollars after they were sexually abused for years by two brothers in their foster home.

21 hours ago in Local

Whatcom County public defender says video conferencing in court is unfair

court mallot 2

Hall wrote about this for the Whatcom County bar association and hopes it can generate thoughtful discussion on the topic.