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Morning News for 4/29/16

And so it begins, the NFL Draft. The drama, the decisions, and ABC’s Ryan Burrow lays down everything you may have missed and need to know. It might be because May is right around the corner and everybody is catching that spring fever but there is SO much to do this weekend and Kimball is in to lay it down.


Seattle traffic alert: Alaskan Way Viaduct shuts down while Bertha tunnels underneath

Expect some nasty traffic if you’re headed to Seattle in the next couple of weeks.

parents and little cowboy

Morning News for 4/28/16

Donald Trump talks policy… and Ted Cruz has a running mate? ABC’s Brad Mielke is in with the new and unprecedented action taking place in this years GOP Presidential race.
A 50 year study on spanking as a form of discipline recently came out involving more than 150,000 children, and didn’t show a positive or effective correlation. What does the morning news team think about it? Tune in to hear Joe, Kimball and Alex discuss.


Morning News for 4/27/16

Well it was a sweep of yesterday’s contests for Donald Trump in the GOP Presidential race, and joining us with where things stand now is ABC’s Brad Mielke.
One local man from Marysville has made over 30 guitars for Prince! Not to mention toured with Ozzy Osbourne and most likely has some guitars hanging on the wall at the Hard Rock Cafe. And he speaks with Joe for an exclusive interview!


Morning News for 4/26/16

On this day in 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster occurred in Ukraine, as an explosion and fire caused radioactive fallout to begin spewing into the atmosphere over much of Europe, forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes in the most heavily hit areas. ABC’s Tom Rivers from the foreign desk joins us to talk about where the people and the town of Chernobyl are now.
Why You Should Book Summer Travel Now: Dreaming of an international getaway? International Business Times Personal Finance Editor, Lauren Lyons Cole explains why now is the perfect time to book a cheap flight for your next vacation.

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, calls upon his supporters get out the vote during Mississippi's primary Tuesday, during a campaign stop in Florence, Miss., Monday, March 7, 2016.

Moring News for 4/25/16

With talk about a Cruz-Kasich alliance surfacing, what does this mean for Trump? ABC’s Andy Field is in with the details.
Millions of people continue to mourn the loss of Prince. The morning news team chats about what was left behind when Prince passed away too soon.


Morning News for 4/22/16

ABC’s Ryan Burrows is in to discuss the legacy of Prince, after millions of fans mourn the loss of his death.
Kimball shares everything you can do this weekend to celebrate Earth Day, #PurpleFriday in honor of Prince, and other events including the Dirty Dan Harris Festival this Sunday in Fairhaven!

harriet tubman

Morning News for 4/21/16

A historic makeover for US currency. ABC’s Megan Hughes is live from Washington DC to chat about the final decision of who should be on which bill… with some significant symbolism. Harriet Tubman, is not only the first African-American (and the last woman on paper currency since Martha Washington in the 1890s), but she is replacing slave owner President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.
Tomorrow is Earth Day! and some big companies are making big moves to play their part. Head of GM is in to talk about what his company is doing with plastic bottles in honor of Earth Day and in honor of taking better care of the world we live in now.


sun sunshine Whatcom County Bellingham warm weather summer spring

Morning News for 4/20/16

So we all know what “420” means. And that April 20th has become a cultural phenomenon representing “Weed Day” all over the world. But why 420? Where does that number come from and how in the world did “420” become the day that pot smokers celebrate everywhere? Well it’s rather intriguing, and Kimball fills you in with all of her research.
With Earth Day just three days away, billions of taxpayer dollars being devoted to environmental protection efforts and energy costs eating a significant portion of the average household’s income, the personal finance website Wallet Hub released its report on 2016’s Greenest States and Jill Gonzalez is in to talk about it.

Lake Whatcom, sunshine, spring, summer, weather, hot

Morning News for 4/19/16

ABC’s Lana Zak speaks with Joe and Alex about a bill called the ‘9-11 Bill’ which would allow US citizens and US courts to sue Saudi Arabia over the attacks of 9-11. Zak is live from the nation’s capital.
Warm temperatures yesterday broke records for the hottest April 18th in Bellingham ever with 79 degrees. The previous high was 74 degrees recorded in 1962. KGMI’s meteorologist Jeff Johnson tells you all about it.

Recent Headlines

13 hours ago in Local

18yo arrested on suspicion of abandoning son in Everett dumpster


Police got a tip this week that she had been pregnant and then appeared not to be pregnant anymore, refusing to talk about what happened.

23 hours ago in Local

Ulta Beauty and Sephora coming to Bellingham

beauty products

Ulta Beauty is setting up shop next to Abercrombie and Fitch in the Bellis Fair Mall, and Sephora will be opening in JC Penny.

24 hours ago in Local

National pharmaceutical company forced to pay state $23 million


The State Attorney General says drug-maker Wyeth, which is owned by Pfizer, underpaid Medicaid.

1 day ago in Local

Bellingham man is sentenced to nine months for rape


it could have been much longer.

2 days ago in Local

A rental scam to watch out for in Whatcom County

rent graphic

The scammer was obviously hoping to get money before the renters learned it was a scam.