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Abortion Protestors Anniversary

Morning Show 3/31/16

Punishing women for abortion? Where did that come from? Yet another day of craziness in the headlines and Dillon digs right in.


Morning News for 3/31/16

Donald Trump often ruffles the feathers of the political world with his inappropriate comments. This time, it’s about abortion. ABC’s Brad Mielke joins us to discuss if and how these comments may ultimately affect Mr. Trump and his candidacy.
Where US Expats Get Bang For Their Buck: The idea of Donald Trump becoming U.S. president has many Americans thinking about a move to Canada. However, they may want to consider one of these budget-friendly countries instead. International Business Times Personal Finance Editor, Lauren Lyons Cole has the six countries based on different need


Are your headlights working?

Headlights just aren’t working!
According to the Insurance Institute, the headlights on new cars just aren’t good enough.

Joe, Alex, and Kimball discussed their own dim headlights on the Morning News!


Morning News for 3/30/16

President Obama is cracking down on the growing #opioid addiction problem. We speak with ABC’s @LanaZak now on @KGMIRadio #OpioidEpidemic
Have you checked your headlights lately? We will tell you why you want to… and you might be surprised when you hear it.

Photo Credit: Kimball Gainor

Morning News for 3/29/16

Donald Trump is saying he has a very good relationship with the Hispanic community, but now there are some groups who are going beyond simply disagreeing with this statement.


Morning News for 3/28/16

ABC’s Kenneth Moton speaks to the latest drama surrounding the republican presidential candidates. Could Donald Trump finally be shooting himself in the foot with his comments regarding his and Cruz’s wives?
After a cat was accidentally shipped in the mail in London and survives eight days in a box, Joe, Alex and Kimball discuss… cats. And react to this crazy story! FYI: The cat is expected to recover fully.

siamese cat

Siamese cat survives 8 days in the mail

A Siamese cat named Cupcake has survived 8 days cooped up in a box after being accidentally sent in the mail by her British owners.

generic tulips

Morning News for 3/25/16

The government has taken another look at the cost of ObamaCare and has found out that it was a bit more expensive than expected. ABC’s Kenneth Moton speaks to the this.

And #TGIF means Kimball’s “What’s Happening” segment, & today it’s filled w/ Easter goodies to keep you egg hunting all weekend long. #onairwithkimball

Canadian Border
PC: Kimball Gainor

Morning News for 3/24/16

The influx of immigrants into Europe, the terror attacks in Paris and now Brussels, have rattled nerves and caused concerns about those immigrants from Syria and other hot spots in the middle east, and that battle has moved into the courtroom in the US. ABC’s Jim Ryan is live to discuss. Joe, Alex and Kimball then discuss the National Recording Registry with songs including “Where Did Our Love Go,” the Supremes (1964) and “Abraxas,” Santana (1970)


Morning News for 3/23/16

Investigation into yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Brussels continues at a feverish pace. ABC’s Tom River’s shares the latest.

Happy #NationalPuppyDay! Sometimes it feels like we are drowning in upsetting news so KGMI wants to give you a reason to smile. It’s National Puppy Day and puppies make everyone happy! Joe, Alex and Kimball chat about why we love puppy day.

Recent Headlines

2 days ago in Local

18yo arrested on suspicion of abandoning son in Everett dumpster


Police got a tip this week that she had been pregnant and then appeared not to be pregnant anymore, refusing to talk about what happened.

2 days ago in Local

Ulta Beauty and Sephora coming to Bellingham

beauty products

Ulta Beauty is setting up shop next to Abercrombie and Fitch in the Bellis Fair Mall, and Sephora will be opening in JC Penny.

2 days ago in Local

National pharmaceutical company forced to pay state $23 million


The State Attorney General says drug-maker Wyeth, which is owned by Pfizer, underpaid Medicaid.

2 days ago in Local

Bellingham man is sentenced to nine months for rape


it could have been much longer.

3 days ago in Local

A rental scam to watch out for in Whatcom County

rent graphic

The scammer was obviously hoping to get money before the renters learned it was a scam.