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Morning Show 2/5/16

Dillon hosts another Open Phone Friday on a variety of topics.


This Ferndale Republican says doing nothing is NOT an option

“Senator says there’s a ‘false narrative’ about WA education funding.


Why Bernie’s finish in Iowa should have Democrats worried

Analyst says Hillary should be shaking in her boots.


Morning Show 2/4/16

Can ‘Hil’ beat ‘The Bern’? That’s the question this morning.

refinery oil

Morning Show 2/3/16 – Bob Jones of Alcoa Intalco

Dillon chats with Bob Jones, 38-year employee of Alcoa Intalco near Ferndale.

refinery oil

Morning Show 2/3/16

This morning another twist and turn in the saga of Intalco employees… Dillon checks in on the latest.


This analyst says Donald Trump isn’t finished

She says Marco Rubio didn’t surprise her in the Iowa Caucuses

one dollar coin

Morning Show 2/2/16

The results are in….and Donald Trump didn’t win! Cruz takes the victory.
On the other side of the aisle…Hillary Clinton wins with a series of coin tosses?!

Vote Election

Morning Show 2/1/16

The Iowa Caucuses are today! But Dillon….doesn’t really care?


The Morning Show – Farming Edition 1/30/16

Dairy farmers of Whatcom County have managed to get the attention of Olympia on another possible option for some of what the State Department of Ecology wants to do to local dairy.

Recent Headlines

1 hour ago in Local

Some blueberry growers have admitted to violating rights of workers

blueberry bush

Some blueberry growers admitted to failing to pay minimum wage and overtime to their workers.

2 hours ago in Local

Everett bikini barista killed by propane heater accident


Fire investigators have completed their investigation into a blaze that killed a bikini barista owner.

3 hours ago in Local

Man shot in the face while riding a Seattle bus

seattle city scape

A man who was paid $42,000 after getting kicked by a police officer was shot in the face Wednesday.

4 hours ago in Local

Semi-truck driver arrested after an eight car crash that killed two

semi truck

SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash. (AP) — The Washington State Patrol says the driver of a semi-truck has been arrested for investigation…

12 hours ago in Local

Stormy weather headed our way today

KGMI/Dillon Honcoop

Blustery winds forecast for today have the National Weather Service worried enough to issue a high wind warning.