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Morning Show 5/3/16

If somebody falls asleep at the wheel… Whose fault is it?
The trial of William Klein, the man behind the wheel who hit four Winward High School students and killed two of them.
But is he guilty?

space needle

Morning Show 5/2/16

There are a lot of things Dillon should probably say something about…. May Day Protests, Presidential Primaries, and more?
What do you make of the crazy?
Dillon’s just not sure anymore…


Morning Show 4/29/16

It’s Friday and Donald Trump says America is the first false song of globalism. What does that mean?! Dillon touches on Trump’s foreign policy ideas.

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, calls upon his supporters get out the vote during Mississippi's primary Tuesday, during a campaign stop in Florence, Miss., Monday, March 7, 2016.

Morning Show 4/28/16

Dillon’s back and he’s got a pop quiz!
Who is Richard Schweiker?!

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Morning Show 4/27/16

Mike Kent covers the Morning Show with Dillon out sick.

Governor Jay Inslee

Morning Show 4/26/16

The Governor was in town and he was bringing money?! Can you believe that?
Join Dillon on the Morning Show has a covers the issues that matter most to Whatcom County.

March 26, 2013 file photo, Republican state Sen. Doug Ericksen.

Morning Show 4/25/16

Well, State Senator Doug Erickson is working on the Trump campaign and joins Dillon on the Morning Show to talk about Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to Washington State.


Morning Show 4/22/16

It’s amazing what can happen when people speak up and say: Something is wrong!

harriet tubman

Morning Show 4/21/16

Dillon’s back!
Who would have thought that putting a different person on the $20 bill would create so much controversy?

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Morning Show 4/20/16 – Best Of Edition

Dillon is out for the day.
Enjoy this ‘Best Of’ edition of the Morning Show!

Recent Headlines

12 mins ago in Local

Western State Hospital builds fence to keep patients from escaping

hospital, healthcare, medical, doctor

Nearly 200 involuntarily committed patients at Western State Hospital walked away from the mental facility since 2013... even though at some point... they were considered a danger to themselves or others

22 mins ago in Local

Citizens set up makeshift homeless camp outside of Bellingham City Hall


The makeshift homeless camp was meant to send a message to city leaders about breaking up homeless camps.

15 hours ago in Local

Reasons determined for plane crash last July

Autumn Veatch

Their teenage step-granddaughter, Autumn Veatch of Bellingham, was the only survivor of the crash.

16 hours ago in Local

Bellingham Schools’ Superintendent “walks in the shoes” of LGBTQ students


"Walks in the Shoes" helps Baker get a better understanding of what his staff and students experience in the district.

16 hours ago in Local

Cruz planned rallies in Puget Sound area


Cruz has withdrawn his bid for the presidency.