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Morning Show 2/10/16

Is Bernie Sanders poisoning the Clinton campaign?
Dillon goes over the results of the New Hampshire primaries.


Morning Show 2/9/16

Donkey Basketball…
Do donkeys even know how to play basketball?
Dillon talks about the latest controversy with a Ferndale fundraiser event.


Morning Show 2/8/16

With the Superbowl over, Dillon can’t understand why people still think he’s a Cam Newton fan.


Morning Show 2/6/16 – Farming Edition

Join Dillon every Saturday for the Farming Edition of the Morning Show. This week, Dillon checks in with the lawmakers in Olympia.

Sehome high School

Morning Show 2/5/16

Dillon hosts another Open Phone Friday on a variety of topics.


This Ferndale Republican says doing nothing is NOT an option

“Senator says there’s a ‘false narrative’ about WA education funding.


Why Bernie’s finish in Iowa should have Democrats worried

Analyst says Hillary should be shaking in her boots.


Morning Show 2/4/16

Can ‘Hil’ beat ‘The Bern’? That’s the question this morning.

refinery oil

Morning Show 2/3/16 – Bob Jones of Alcoa Intalco

Dillon chats with Bob Jones, 38-year employee of Alcoa Intalco near Ferndale.

refinery oil

Morning Show 2/3/16

This morning another twist and turn in the saga of Intalco employees… Dillon checks in on the latest.

Recent Headlines

10 hours ago in Local

Whatcom County public defender says video conferencing in court is unfair

court mallot 2

Hall wrote about this for the Whatcom County bar association and hopes it can generate thoughtful discussion on the topic.

11 hours ago in Local

Operator of ‘sober’ housing arrested on gun, drug charges

police, jail, arrest, cops, sheriff

Investigators said they found about a pound of crystal methamphetamine.

11 hours ago in Local

Washington keeps moving toward new college savings plan


Nearly $164 million in refunds have been processed for Washington's prepaid tuition program since the state agency told people in they could ask for their money back.

12 hours ago in Local

Car slammed into moving Amtrak train

police lights

The Amtrak engineer didn't realize what happened until the train was 30 miles down the track.

12 hours ago in Local

State House passed a bill that makes contraceptive more accessible

birth control

Supporters say the law would help reduce missed doses and unintended pregnancie