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The Morning Show – Farming Edition 1/30/16

Dairy farmers of Whatcom County have managed to get the attention of Olympia on another possible option for some of what the State Department of Ecology wants to do to local dairy.


Morning Show 1/29/16

Donald Trump wins another debate without even showing up? Dillon takes a look at this phenomenon as well as the plan to end poverty in Switzerland.


Morning Show 1/28/16

Dillon checks out the latest on The Bathroom Bill…

Protester Chanley Iverson of Arizona waves the U.S. flag near the Bureau of Land Management's base camp where seized cattle, that belonged to rancher Cliven Bundy, are being held at near Bunkerville, Nevada April 12, 2014.

Morning Show 1/27/16

Was it worth it? With one dead, Dillon talks about the activists in Oregon.


Morning Show 1/26/16

Dillon’s list of things to cover this morning:
Hillary will be indicted?
The Planned Parenthood investigation turns around on the people trying to expose them.


Two people caught in Mount Baker avalanche; One injured, other presumed dead.

Dillon talks with Benj Wadsworth, Non-Profit Executive Director of The Northwest Avalanche Center about the avalanche at Mt. Baker on Sunday.


Morning Show 1/25/16

It’s been a rough weekend in Whatcom County.
Breaking news this morning; someone has been killed near Mt. Baker in an avalanche.
Also, Donald Trump at Dordt College.

generic tractor or farming

The Morning Show – Farming Edition 1/23/16

Catch The Morning Show – Farming Edition with Dillon Honcoop every Saturday from 7-8a.


Morning Show 1/22/16

Dillon wants to know who our Governor is going to be after this year.


Morning Show 1/21/16

Dillon takes a look at the wild race to the White House.