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Kayak on Lake Whatcom

Morning Show 4/12/16

Well, 20 years later and the State and the Feds give the thumbs up to a clean-up plan for Lake Whatcom.

Bus ad controversy

Morning Show 4/11/16

More backlash against an advertising campaign the EPA now says was illegal.
Dillon gives you the latest.


Morning Show 4/8/16

What are we going to do about the jail in Whatcom County?
Dillon shares his thoughts and talks with Wendy Jones, Chief of Corrections.

Abortion Protestors Anniversary

Morning Show 4/7/16

Abortion on the campaign trail? Donald Trump isn’t the only one with something to say.
Dillon checks out the latest on the road to the White House.


Morning Show 4/6/16

If you listen to Ted Cruz…it’s all over for Donald Trump?
Was the Wisconsin primary a game-changer?

Dillon takes a closer look.

Bus ad controversy

Morning Show 4/5/16

It all started right here on the Morning Show… Concerns about some ads that were on buses. What was the big deal with the ads on the buses? Now, the ads are getting national attention?!
Dillon checks out the latest.

Governor Jay Inslee

Morning Show 4/4/16

It’s Monday already?!
Governor Inslee refuses to sign a bill that’s going to become law anyways.
Also, a big plan in Ferndale to bring the Metallica bridge to the next generation.


Morning Show – Farming Edition 4/2/16

It’s time to talk farming! Join Dillon every Saturday for the Farming Edition of the Morning Show.


Morning Show 4/1/16

Let’s get serious. It’s April Fools Day, but a brokered Republican National Convention is a real possibility. Dillon dives in to the details.

crossed guns

Dillon Honcoop: Verbal Gunslinger

An irate caller declares Dillon a Verbal Gunslinger. You won’t believe what happens next!

Recent Headlines

17 mins ago in Local

Donald Trump is coming to Lynden


Trump will be at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds on Saturday.

2 hours ago in Local

17 year-old boy charged with killing 17 year-old girl


Witnesses say they heard an argument in the hallway before they heard gunshots.

2 hours ago in Local

Salmon fishing season ended Sunday in the Puget Sound

generic fishing kid and man

The state and tribal fishery managers failed to reach an agreement, ending salmon fishing in the Sound Sunday.

2 hours ago in Local

Falls are the leading cause of work-related deaths in Washington

ladder, painting, falling

The Department of Labor and Industries held a memorial ceremony for people who died in job-related deaths.

2 hours ago in Local

Seattle Judge releases teenager from adult detention center

detention center

The Somali teenager was placed in an adult detention center in Tacoma based solely on his dental bone scan analysis.