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generic tractor or farming

Morning Show – Farming Edition 3/26/16

It’s time to talk farming! Join Dillon every Saturday for the Farming Edition of the Morning Show.


Morning Show 3/25/16

Interesting numbers out from the CBO of Obamacare when Dillon looks into them further…

Glenn Beck

Morning Show 3/24/16

Should Christians be supporting and voting for Donald Trump?
A talk show host is under fire for criticizing Christians who are supporting Donald Trump.


Morning Show 3/23/16

A Presidential candidate suggests it’s time to start patrolling and monitoring Muslim neighborhoods in the United States following the terror attacks in Brussels, and it wasn’t Donald Trump.
Also, a Seattle man is still in a tree.


Morning Show 3/22/16

Terror in Belgium.
Dillon covers the breaking news out of Brussels and speaks with Dan Perkins, Domestic and Foreign Policy contributor to reaganbaby.com, dailysurge.com, and author of The Brotherhood of the Red Nile trilogy.

Cornwall Park stabbing

What the Cornwall Park stabbing victim had to say

Dillon spoke with Lee Deberry, the victim of a seemingly random stabbing attack at Cornwall Park last Wednesday, Mar. 16.

Cornwall Park stabbing

Morning Show 3/21/16

Dillon talks with the stabbing victim of the Cornwall Park attack last week.


Morning Show – Farming Edition 3/19/16

It’s time to talk farming! Join Dillon every Saturday for the Farming Edition of the Morning Show.


Morning Show 3/18/16

A talk show host is calling for a unity ticket for conservatives to try to stop Donald Trump.
Dillon takes a look at how that would even work.

coal pile

Morning Show 3/17/16

Is it time to fight the state income tax battle? Dillon checks in as that issue is back up for discussion.
Also, the latest in the Gateway Pacific Terminal drama.

Recent Headlines

1 hour ago in Local

Ulta Beauty and Sephora coming to Bellingham

beauty products

Ulta Beauty is setting up shop next to Abercrombie and Fitch in the Bellis Fair Mall, and Sephora will be opening in JC Penny.

3 hours ago in Local

National pharmaceutical company forced to pay state $23 million


The State Attorney General says drug-maker Wyeth, which is owned by Pfizer, underpaid Medicaid.

7 hours ago in Local

A rapist from Bellingham is sentenced to nine months


it could have been much longer.

17 hours ago in Local

A rental scam to watch out for in Whatcom County

rent graphic

The scammer was obviously hoping to get money before the renters learned it was a scam.

17 hours ago in Local

Tests show 6 more Tacoma schools with lead in water

tap water

Findings come from tests conducted months or years ago.