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generic tractor

The Morning Show – Farming Edition 1/16/16

Catch The Morning Show – Farming Edition with Dillon Honcoop every Saturday from 7-8a.

generic building construction

Morning Show 1/14/16

The story of a local project that ran into the buzzsaw of red tape. Dillon tells us more.

U.S. President Barack Obama with Pope Francis during a state arrival ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House

Morning Show 1/13/16

Dillon checks out the responses from the State of the Union address last night.


Morning Show 1/12/16 – Interview with car crash witness, Mike Samuelson

Dillon interviews MIke Samuelson who was on the scene of the Bellingham car crash Sunday night.

gas pump

Morning Show 1/12/16

$1.99 a gallon for gas? Oil prices are down, but Dillon looks into what that really means.


Morning Show 1/11/16

Seahawks fans feel bad for the Vikings kicker? Dillon checks in after the crazy Seattle victory over Minnesota this Sunday.

fresh produce

The Morning Show – Farming Edition 1/9/16

Catch The Morning Show – Farming Edition with Dillon Honcoop every Saturday from 7-8a.


Morning Show 1/8/16

The President has confirmed he’s not coming to take away your guns. Dillon goes over highlights of the town hall meeting on CNN.


Morning Show 1/7/16

Dillon talks with KPUG’s Mark Scholten on Ken Griffey Jr’s induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame and the NRA firing back on President Obama’s executive action.

crossed guns

Morning Show 1/6/15

Dillon talks with Gun Show promoter, Craig Terry with Big Top Promotions, about President Obama’s executive order.

Recent Headlines

3 hours ago in Local

Senate passes bill that would give coal-fired power plant a sales tax break


Supporters say the measure would help retain jobs, but critics say it's a corporate tax giveaway.

4 hours ago in Local

House passes regulation of vapor products in Washington


The bill would also create a set of standards and rules that retailers and distributors must follow, among other regulations like requiring school districts to ban use of vapor products on school buses.

5 hours ago in Local

Everett police lieutenant fired for connection with drunk driving


The lieutanant who had worked with the department for 25 years was deemed unfit for duty.

6 hours ago in Local

Senate rejects constitutional amendment on tax increases


Two-thirds vote is required to send the ballot for a public vote.

6 hours ago in Local

17-year-old gets 17 years in prison for shooting


The teenager shot the victim because he was wearing shorts from a rival gang.