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Governor Jay Inslee

Morning Show 11/5/15

An expert says Gov. Inslee is partly to blame for Intalco’s hard times in Ferndale. Also, how millions in taxpayer dollars went to sports leagues like the NFL for so-called “paid patriotism.”


Morning Show 11/4/15

Dillon gives a rundown of local election results and explains what this means for Whatcom County.


Morning Show 11/3/15

Should all water in Whatcom County be taxed?

water pipes

Morning Show 11/2/15

Should all water in Whatcom County be taxed?


Morning Show 10/30/15

Are jail naysayers being honest?


Morning Show 10/29/15

Why Republicans are so upset with last night’s debate


Morning Show 10/28/15

A former county councilwoman wants to be a Whatcom lawmaker again


Morning Show 10/27/16

Why it’s so important for you to vote this week


Morning Show 10/26/15

What could have caused this tour boat to capsize?


Morning Show 10/23/15

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Recent Headlines

2 days ago in Local

Blueberry growers admit to violating rights of workers

blueberry bush

Eastern Washington growers will pay $385,000 to workers; $20,000 in fines.

2 days ago in Local

Everett barista killed by propane heater accident


The coffee stand owner suffered fatal burns in the accident, January seventh.

2 days ago in Local

Man shot while riding a Seattle bus

seattle city scape

In 2010, the victim was paid $42,000 after getting kicked by a police officer.

2 days ago in Local

Semi-truck driver arrested after an eight car crash that killed two

semi truck

SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash. (AP) — The Washington State Patrol says the driver of a semi-truck has been arrested for investigation…

2 days ago in Local

Stormy weather headed our way today

KGMI/Dillon Honcoop

Blustery winds forecast for today have the National Weather Service worried enough to issue a high wind warning.