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Saturday Morning Live May 21, 2016

Host Kris Halterman discusses the proposed changes to the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan update of 2016, with the Petree’s of Public Policy Perspectives, LLC.


Saturday Morning Live May 7, 2016

Hosts Kris Halterman and Lorraine Newman discuss the new Agricultural Research arm of the Washington Policy Center, with Chris Cargill, of WPC’s Eastern Washington Office. The discussion revolves on the results of this study, a report of the Future of Farming, and a focus on food security.


Saturday Morning Live April 30, 2016

Host Kris Haltermann discusses property tax apportionment with Whatcom County Assessor Keith Willnauer.

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Saturday Morning Live April 23, 2016

Guest host Lorraine Newman interviews Elizabeth Scott, State Representative, 39th district, who is running for the seat of U.S. Congressional District US 1.

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Saturday Morning Live April 9, 2016

Host Kris Halterman talks with Glen Morgan of, We the Governed on today’s show.

Did you know that it is illegal to wash your car in Bellingham and Whatcom County? Hear the story of a local businessman’s recent run-in with the Dept. of Ecology and the City of Bellingham for washing his vehicles on a Bellingham Street.

Douglas-CourthouseAlso, are our local government offices keeping track of the personal assets that have been bought and paid for with your tax dollars? Maybe not. Hear how Douglas County (and others) have not been following state law.

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Saturday Morning Live April 16, 2016

Host Kris Halterman is discusses the proposed addition of Aquatic Lands, as a new element to Chapter 8, Resource Lands, to the 2016 update to the, Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan.

Also included in today’s discussion is the public declaration of disenfranchisement towards residents of Whatcom County by Whatcom County Councilperson, Ken Mann, on his public Facebook page.


Saturday Morning Live April 2, 2016

It’s tax time for everyone. High on that list is every property owner’s 1st Half Property Taxes due April 30th, 2016. Hosts Kris Halterman and Glen Morgan interview Whatcom County’s Assessor, Keith Willnauer to talk about what makes up your property tax bill, how and how often every property in Whatcom County is assessed, and how the assessment is spread out to every property owner in Whatcom County.


Saturday Morning Live March 26, 2016

Glen Morgan is the guest-host for the program, bringing an interview with Audrey Myers, Volunteer Coordinator and Staffer at the Lighthouse Mission. Audrey discusses the upcoming “Mission-Delicious,” on April 2, 2016 at the Mt. Baker Rotary Building in Lynden.

Then Glen talks with Kirk Angler (Angler Automotive) and Bellingham Police Lieutenant Bob Vander Yacht about the increased crime rates in Kirk’s, Columbia neighborhood. The focus of this segment is on what occurred and is occurring statistically in neighborhoods, how it’s affected the people living in their neighborhoods, how to set up a preventative program (Block Watch or Neighborhood Police Officer, programs), and be pro-active about keeping your community safer.


Saturday Morning Live March 19, 2016

Host Kris Halterman interviews Larry Reed, president of the Foundation For Economic Education, on common progressive economic myths perpetrated on students by college professors.

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Saturday Morning Live March 12, 2016

Bill Bryant lays out his Washington gubernatorial campaign.

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