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Saturdays from 11am – Noon and Sundays from 9 – 10am
Hosted by Dick Donahue.


Wealth Wake Up for 2/7/16

Dick Donahue this week discusses the topsy-turvy markets, the latest employment report, and the Bank of Japan’s move toward negative interest rates.


Wealth Wake Up February 6, 2016

Host Dick Donahue discusses the loss of economic freedom in the U.S.: the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Wealth Wake Up January 30, 2016

Host Dick Donahue talks about the latest market reports, the latest federal reserve board action, and putting money away for college using 529 plans.

social security card

Wealth Wake Up for 1/24/16

Host Dick Donahue talks about the latest market moves, the history of the markets, how the Social Security Trust Fund is running out of money, and a 9/11 monument over in Israel.


Wealth Wake Up January 23, 2016

Host Dick Donahue discusses how to evaluate risk vs. reward in the current down market.


Wealth Wake Up January 17, 2016

Host Dick Donahue talks about the recent market slides, financial highlights of 2015, and a report that shows Congressmen getting rich and points to possible insider trading.


Wealth Wake Up January 16, 2016

Host Dick Donahue welcomes land use consultant Roger Almskaar and Jack Petree of Public Policy Perspectives to discuss the impacts of land use regulation on real estate prices and quality of life in Whatcom County.


Wealth Wake Up for 1/10/15

Host Dick Donahue talks about the December employment report, some of the new tax law changes passed by Congress at the end of the year, and the second American Industrial Revolution.


Wealth Wake Up January 9, 2016

Host Dick Donahue broadcasts from the Big Top gun show in Ferndale and focuses on gun rights conferred by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.


Wealth Wake Up January 2, 2016

Host Dick Donuhue reviews key financial metrics for the year 2015, and evaluates past US presidential performance as it correlates to market returns.

Recent Headlines

2 hours ago in Local

Whatcom County public defender says video conferencing in court is unfair

court mallot 2

Hall wrote about this for the Whatcom County bar association and hopes it can generate thoughtful discussion on the topic.

3 hours ago in Local

Operator of ‘sober’ housing arrested on gun, drug charges

police, jail, arrest, cops, sheriff

Investigators said they found about a pound of crystal methamphetamine.

3 hours ago in Local

Washington keeps moving toward new college savings plan


Nearly $164 million in refunds have been processed for Washington's prepaid tuition program since the state agency told people in they could ask for their money back.

3 hours ago in Local

Car slammed into moving Amtrak train

police lights

The Amtrak engineer didn't realize what happened until the train was 30 miles down the track.

4 hours ago in Local

State House passed a bill that makes contraceptive more accessible

birth control

Supporters say the law would help reduce missed doses and unintended pregnancie