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Wealth Wake Up

Saturdays from 11am – Noon and Sundays from 9 – 10am
Hosted by Dick Donahue.


Wealth Wake Up April 30, 2016

Host Dick Donahue discusses the impact of current economic conditions on your wealth building plans.

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Wealth Wake Up April 24, 2016

Host Dick Donahue talks about the latest economic reports focusing on new and existing home sales, the rail system that cost taxpayers $22 per passenger, and making a case for shock collars.


Wealth Wake Up April 23, 2016

Host Dick Donahue covers economic stats vital to you and your financial plan, discusses what would happen if the typical US family spent the same way the federal government does.


Wealth Wake Up for 4/17/16

Host Dick Donahue talks about the most recent economic reports, the recently-exposed tax havens in Panama, and 5 reasons to plan and save for retirement now.

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Radio Real Estate and Wealth Wake Up April 9, 2016

Host and Windermere Real Estate Agent Mike Kent and Wealth Wake Up Host Dick Donahue broadcast from the Whatcom County Republican Convention.


Wealth Wake Up for 4/10/16

Host Dick Donahue discusses the latest economic updates, how Washington politicians aren’t telling the truth about trade, and the states with the highest and lowest effective tax rates.


Wealth Wake Up April 2, 2016

Host Dick Donahue discusses the implications of the recent announcement by SSA Marine that they are postponing their environmental impact study.

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Wealth Wake Up for 3/20/16

Dick Donahue talks about the Fed meeting that ended on Wednesday, why India is booming with a growing population and a bright economic future, and 9 reasons why we’ve seen so much volatility in the markets.

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Wealth Wake Up for 3/27/16

Host Dick Donahue discusses the latest reports on home sales, why you shouldn’t miss the 60-day rollover for IRAs, and the mystery of the moving rocks in Death Valley.

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Wealth Wake Up March 26, 2016

Host Dick Donahue and his callers discuss the impediments to a pro-business climate in Whatcom County.

Recent Headlines

2 hours ago in Local

Third case of Zika virus in Washington found in King County man

Photo by Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The mosquitoes that transmit Zika aren't found in the Pacific Northwest so the virus isn't expected to spread here.

2 hours ago in Local

Big plans for longtime Bellingham store Piper Music

Piper music

William Brooke purchased Piper Music and says it will remain at its current Fountain District location through the end of this month then it will move to a triangular-shaped building on State Street.

2 hours ago in Local

Whatcom County retail sales increased last year

clothes shopping

County retail sales were up nearly five-percent... and City of Bellingham sales rose a little more than four percent compared to a year earlier.

2 hours ago in Local

Aeropostale seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy, closing sales begin this weekend


Aeropostale, once the vibrant epicenter of the US mall scene, is now seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

3 hours ago in Local

Fire burns Bellingham garage


Firefighters kept the blaze from spreading.