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Wealth Wake Up

Saturdays from 11am – Noon and Sundays from 9 – 10am
Hosted by Dick Donahue.

interest rates

Wealth Wake Up for 9/27/15

Dick Donahue talks about the Fed’s lack of action on interest rates, billionaire Tom Steyer’s impact on politics, and some new scams targeting Washington seniors.

counting money

Wealth Wake Up for 9/26/15

Host Dick Donahue is live in the studio and discusses the market.


Wealth Wake Up for 9/20/15

Host Dick Donahue talks about the Fed’s decision not to raise interest rates and its impact on the markets, and 4 ways to fix economies around the world.

map money

Wealth Wake Up for 9/19/15

Host Dick Donahue discusses the latest on Wealth Wake Up from Spokane, Washington about American student debt levels continue to rise. 1 in 10 students don’t know they have a loan. Students annually underestimate how much debt they actually have.


Wealth Wake Up – 9/12/15

Host Dick Donahue discusses the latest on Wealth Wake Up live in the studio


Wealth Wake Up – 9/5/15

Host Dick Donahue kicks off labor day weekend with a recorded show for Saturday and Sunday http://media.kgmi.com/2015.09.05_Wealth_Wake_Up.mp3Podcast: Play in new…

social security

Wealth Wake Up – 8/30/15

Host Dick Donahue talks about the latest economic reports, tax tips, the Solyndra scandal, and filing for Social Security online.

casg money

Wealth Wake Up Live – 8/29/15

Dick Donahue talks about the markets’ turbulent week, China’s falling currency, and why it’s important for investors not to panic.


Wealth Wake Up – 8/23/15

Host Dick Donahue talks about Friday’s big market drop, the growing breach of IRS files, and one reason why Alexander…


Wealth Wake Up – 8/16/15

Host Dick Donahue talks about students earning associates degrees before finishing high school, and the government’s cash cows Fannie Mae…

Recent Headlines

2 hours ago in Local

The High School basketball playoffs are underway.

basket ball

The Class 1A district basketball tournament continues tonight.

3 hours ago in Local

Senate rejects reversal of transgender bathroom rule


Senate Bill 6443 failed by one vote, with 25 senators voting to reject the measure.

4 hours ago in Local

Investigation into ferry captains burned by laser continues


One of two captains that had the laser shined at them reportedly suffered a damaged retina and a third-degree burn to his eyelid.

4 hours ago in Local

Boeing to cut commercial airplane workforce


Doug Alder, spokesman for the aerospace giant, said in a statement that the company would begin the reductions with executives and managers.

4 hours ago in Local

Most Washington school levy, bond elections gaining voter OK


The bond elections in Sequim and Yelm would likely have passed if the state only required a simple majority for passage like school levies.