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Saturdays from 11am – Noon and Sundays from 9 – 10am
Hosted by Dick Donahue.

KGMI/Dillon Honcoop

Wealth Wakeup November 14 2015

Dick talks about the merger of politics and economics with big government spending.

Host Dick Donahue 

PC Kimball Gainor

Wealth Wake Up for 11/9/15

Dick Donahue talks about the good recent unemployment reports, how Obamacare health care co-ops are failing, and the high salaries that the operators of those failed co-ops are making.


Wealth Wake Up for 11/7/15

Dick Donahue discusses the latest in the the market.

interest rate

Wealth Wake Up for 11/1/15

Host Dick Donahue talks about the Fed’s recent decision not to raise interest rates, as well as news that social security payroll taxes and limits on retirement plans will remain the same.

dog costume

Wealth Wake Up for 10/31/15

Dick Donahue is live in studio to talk about Halloween by the numbers…

scale money

Wealth Wake Up for 10/24/15

Today: Dick talks about how government employment and financial health figures may be ‘massaged,’ and later he councils to think…


Wealth Wake Up for 10/19/15

Host Dick Donahue discusses the latest in the market.


Wealth Wake Up for 10/17/15

Host Dick Donahue discusses the latest in the market all the way from Pullman, WA.

social security card

Wealth Wake Up for 10/11/15

Dick Donahue talks about the debt limit, a summary of the markets last quarter, Social Security rules for divorced spouses, and why so many people are moving from blue states to red states.


Wealth Wake Up for 10/10/15

Host Dick Donahue discusses the market live in the studio.

Recent Headlines

2 days ago in Local

18yo arrested on suspicion of abandoning son in Everett dumpster


Police got a tip this week that she had been pregnant and then appeared not to be pregnant anymore, refusing to talk about what happened.

2 days ago in Local

Ulta Beauty and Sephora coming to Bellingham

beauty products

Ulta Beauty is setting up shop next to Abercrombie and Fitch in the Bellis Fair Mall, and Sephora will be opening in JC Penny.

3 days ago in Local

National pharmaceutical company forced to pay state $23 million


The State Attorney General says drug-maker Wyeth, which is owned by Pfizer, underpaid Medicaid.

3 days ago in Local

Bellingham man is sentenced to nine months for rape


it could have been much longer.

3 days ago in Local

A rental scam to watch out for in Whatcom County

rent graphic

The scammer was obviously hoping to get money before the renters learned it was a scam.