Sunday, August 24, 201408/24/2014

The Whatcom Report 8/24/14

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Bill Gorman talks with members of the rotary and YES.


Saturday, August 23, 201408/23/2014

Wealth Wake Up Live 8/23/14

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Host Dick Donahue talks with Lynda Cheldielin Fell, the woman behind Good Grief Worldwide and the blog, radio show and…

house for sale

Saturday, August 23, 201408/23/2014

Radio Real Estate 8/23/14

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Host Mike Kent talks about attracting burned-out desert homeowners from down south to the Whatcom County real estate market.


Saturday, August 23, 201408/23/2014

In The Shop 8/23/14

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Brian from Doctor John’s Auto Clinic and Dan from Bellingham Automotive talk about how to decide between buying a new or…


Saturday, August 23, 201408/23/2014

Saturday Morning Live 8/23/14

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Host Kris Halterman talks about the Fox vs. Skagit County land & water rights case with Peter Ojala with Carson Law Group…

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Saturday, August 23, 201408/23/2014

Community Connection part 2 8/23/14

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Host Crystal King talks with the Grief Diaries, Putts for Pets, Barron Heating and more.


Saturday, August 23, 201408/23/2014

Community Connection part 1 8/23/14

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Host Crystal King talks with Acupuncture Northwest, Feller Heating, DeWildes Nursery and more.

beer in glass

Friday, August 22, 201408/22/2014

PM Bellingham 8/22/14

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Bellingham’s City Council president is stepping down, the US is trying to save more hostages, and our Beer of the Week has a little kick to it.

In this photo taken Oct. 23, 2012, a dilapidated structure is seen jutting out into the Strait of Georgia along the beach just south of the location of a proposed coal exporting terminal in Ferndale, Wash., just north of Bellingham, Wash. In the distance behind are an existing aluminum plant and oil refinery. The progressive college town of Bellingham is at the center of one of the fiercest environmental debates in the region: should the Northwest become a hub for exporting U.S. coal to Asia? A proposal to build one of as many as five coal terminals here has divided the town, pitting union and businesses that welcome jobs against environmentalists who worry about coal dust and greenhouse gas emissions. A trade group is running TV ads touting the projects, while numerous cities such as Seattle and Portland are opposing coal trains through their communities.

Friday, August 22, 201408/22/2014

Morning News 8/22/14

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Are we losing jobs to Canada because of our hangups over coal?


Friday, August 22, 201408/22/2014

Morning News and Sports 8/21/14

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With Joe Teehan, Crystal King and Mark Scholten